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Corporate Security

Black Box Global are a premier provider of corporate security. We offer an array of business security services designed to ensure the safety and security of your personnel, especially when traveling to unfamiliar or high-risk countries. 

Our approach is highly collaborative, as we work closely with your organisation to assess, plan, and implement the most suitable combination of security personnel, specialist equipment, infrastructure, and operating procedures to effectively mitigate the threats and concerns facing your staff and key assets. 

Our corporate security services go beyond conventional safeguards and encompass specialised tasks. Conventional safeguards include physical security measures like access controls, surveillance, and personnel training. Corporate security, however, comprises a broader range of strategies, including risk assessments, cybersecurity, crisis management, and asset protection. These multifaceted approaches ensure the safety and continuity of business operations in an ever-evolving security landscape. 


In situations where an employee’s personal safety is jeopardised by factors such as natural disasters, political unrest, or other high-risk scenarios, we spring into action. Our expert team conducts rapid risk assessments with the sole aim of extracting the employee and ensuring their swift transfer to a safer environment.

Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap and ransom threats exist in certain parts of the world, making this a high-risk concern. To address this, we offer comprehensive training to equip your staff with the skills to identify danger signs and avoid situations where kidnapping is likely. In cases where an employee is taken, we deploy a specialised team of trained negotiators to support and facilitate the recovery effort.

Hire Corporate Security

Our corporate security services are underpinned by discretion, vigilance, and a steadfast commitment to your personnel’s safety with a range of offerings that span initial travel briefings through to comprehensive protection services, we provide unwavering support to ensure your operations proceed securely, even in the face of complex challenges and risks. 

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