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Covert Executive Protection:
High Net Worth Family


The “Smith” family (name changed to protect identity), comprising a highprofile executive, Mrs. Smith, and their two teenage children, resides in a prestigious area of London known for its affluent residents. Mr. Smith is the CEO of a multinational corporation with interests in volatile areas of the world, the family enjoys a high-profile lifestyle, frequently attending social events and traveling internationally for business and leisure. 

Key Concerns

The Smith family faced security concerns due to Mr. Smith’s prominent position in the business world. Threats such as corporate espionage, targeted attacks, and kidnapping were among their primary concerns. However, they were wary of overt security measures that could disrupt their daily lives and draw unwanted attention. As their teenage children became more socially active, they were keen to ensure their security whilst maintaining their independence. 

Project Planning & Execution

To address the Smith family’s security needs while maintaining discretion, Black Box Global was engaged to provide covert executive protection.

The following measures were implemented: 

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment was conducted to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities faced by the Smith family. This included assessing their residence, travel patterns, social activities, and online presence for all family members especially the teenage children’s social media activity. 


Covert surveillance measures were implemented to monitor the Smith family’s surroundings discreetly. This involved the deployment of highly trained security personnel equipped with advanced surveillance technology to gather intelligence and detect any potential security threats. 

Executive Protection Detail

A team of covert Protection Operatives was assigned to provide close protection to the Smith family. These operatives, dressed inconspicuously to blend into their surroundings, maintained a discreet yet vigilant presence, ensuring the family’s safety without attracting undue attention.  The operatives were selected for their physical attributes which were not the typical “bodyguard” stereotypeAll Operatives had UKSF backgrounds. 

Security Liaison

A dedicated security liaison was appointed to serve as the primary point of contact between the Smith family and the Black Box Global. This Team Leader facilitated communication, coordinated security arrangements, and provided ongoing support to address any security concerns or issues that arose.

Travel Security

Specialised travel security measures were implemented to ensure the Smith family’s safety during domestic and international travel. This included pre-travel risk assessments, secure transportation arrangements, and coordination with Black Box Global in country security partners at destination points.

Emergency Response

Robust emergency response protocols were established to address potential security incidents or threats swiftly and effectively. The Smith family had access to a 24/7 emergency hotline, enabling them to seek immediate assistance from Black Box Global in the event of an emergency.

Project Outcomes

The implementation of covert executive protection measures provided the Smith family with a heightened level of security and peace of mind without compromising their privacy or lifestyle. By leveraging discreet surveillance techniques and close protection operatives, Black Box Global effectively mitigated potential security threats and enhanced the family’s overall safety and security. 


In today’s increasingly complex security landscape, high net worth individuals like the Smith family face unique security challenges that require tailored solutions. Covert executive protection offers a discreet yet effective approach to addressing these challenges, providing HNW families with the security they need to navigate their daily lives with confidence and peace of mind. By partnering with Black Box Global and implementing comprehensive security measures, HNW families can protect their assets, ensure their safety, and safeguard their peace of mind in an ever-changing world. 

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