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Close Protection Services:
Lawyers In Hostile Environment

Case Study Overview

Black Box Global provide close protection services to several law firms who specialise in human rights advocacy, often in hostile environments. We were contacted by a new client who had been referred by another law firm, as they were tasked with conducting a series of investigative interviews in a highly volatile country across 2 weeks. The lawyers are dedicated to advocating for justice, exposing human rights violations, and defending the rights of marginalised populations in a region plagued by political instability and violence.

Key Concerns

Threats, intimidation and violence against lawyers and their clients due to the nature of their work. 

Project Objectives

  • Ensure the physical safety and security of 8 lawyers, support staff and their clients
  • Mitigate potential risks such as threats, intimidation, and violence
  • Facilitate the lawyers’ ability to carry out their crucial work unhindered
  • Build trust within the communities they served and maintain a low profile while providing close protection services

Project Planning & Execution

Threat Assessment

Black Box Global conducted a comprehensive threat assessment, identifying specific risks associated with the lawyers’ work, including threats from local authorities, hostile individuals, and criminal organisations.

Security Team Selection

Black Box Global assembled a highly specialised executive close protection team of 4 people (3x operatives and 1x team leader) with experience of operating in complex environments. Ensuring the team members had cultural sensitivity and local knowledge was a key focus.

Security Protocols

Developed tailored security protocols that aligned with the lawyers’ work schedule, including field investigations, client meetings and a press conference. Implemented stringent access control measures for all locations. 

Community Engagement

Made contact with points of authority to ensure we could work closely with local communities to build trust and gain support. Conducted security awareness and operational procedures workshops for clients and staff.

Crisis Management

Established a 24/7 emergency response system including a rapid evacuation plan and medical support. Conducted regular crisis drills and scenario-based training on crisis management and emergency procedures.

Project Outcomes

Enhanced Security

The Human Rights Lawyers and their team were able to carry out their work safely and there were no reported security incidents throughout the project’s duration.


The lawyers expressed that they felt secure, enabling them to continue their work without fear.

Trust Building

The project helped build trust within the communities they served, strengthening their ability to access and support a vulnerable population.

Ongoing Support

Black Box Global remained committed to supporting the lawyers as they continued their work, adapting close protection services to changing circumstances and threats.

Further Projects

Black Box Global has provided further close protection services to the client, as well as surveillance services since this project.


Black Box Global achieved its objectives by ensuring the safety of lawyers, support staff and clients, mitigating potential risks and empowering the lawyers to continue their crucial work in challenging and high-risk environment. This close protection services case study underscores the vital role of comprehensive security planning, specialised training and community engagement in safeguarding individuals dedicated to promoting and defending human rights in perilous contexts. 

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