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Black Box Global were contacted by a past client who had previously received executive close protection and personal security services. As a prominent UHNW CEO in the finance and investment industry, the client was receiving threats against him. A swift and comprehensive 9 day protection programme was required due to this unforeseen security risk to their life and assets. The initial programme was supported by a further 2 weeks of counter surveillance. 

Key Concerns

Kidnapping threat, extortion, and personal safety. 

Project Objectives

  • Provide immediate and robust personal security services to ensure the client’s physical safety
  • Quickly identify and assess the security threat and implement the necessary countermeasures
  • Maintain a low-profile while ensuring discreet protection to minimise public disruption
  • Facilitate the client’s ability to continue essential business activities

Project Planning & Execution

Immediate Threat Assessment

Conducted a rapid threat assessment to evaluate the nature and credibility of the security threat. Collaborated with local and international intelligence agencies to gather real-time threat intelligence. 

Quick-Response Physical Security Measures

Conducted on-site security assessments of the client’s residence, office, and travel routes. Expedited the installations of enhanced private security systems including panic alarms and secure transport options.  

Emergency Security Team Selection

Black Box Global assembled a team of 3x experienced tier 1 security specialists who were client facing, in addition to more operatives conducting other associated tasks. All team members possessed a diverse skill set, including close protection, surveillance, and crisis management, and could be deployed at short notice, within 24 hours. 

Crisis Management

Established a 24/7 emergency response system, including rapid evacuation plans and medical support. 

Rapid Security Protocols

Developed a concise but effective personal security services protocol tailored to the specific needs and daily routines. 

Highly Discreet Protection

Maintained a low profile to minimise public awareness of the client’s security detail, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily life. 

Project Outcomes

Immediate Security

The client’s safety was maintained throughout the project’s duration and the security threat was successfully neutralised. 

Continuity of Business Activities

The client was able to continue essential business operations, confident in their safety and security. 


The project was executed with the utmost discretion, protecting the client’s reputation and minimising public disruption.

Rapid Adaptation

The personal security services team demonstrated exceptional flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances, ensuring continuous protection. 


Black Box Global rapidly deploying close protection and personal security services for the UHNWI facing an immediate threat highlighted the importance of agility, expertise, and speed of response in safeguarding a client in a critical situation. This case study underscores the significance of attention to detail and the ability to assemble and deploy highly skilled operatives promptly to mitigate risks and protect the safety and assets of our clients. 

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