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10 Signs You Should Hire Personal Security

10 Signs You Should Hire Personal Security

Feeling safe is a fundamental human need. It’s central to our personal security, health and wellbeing. So, when we’re exposed to threat and feel at risk, it affects us on many levels. Knowing that you, your family and/or loved ones, your employees, your business and your assets remain protected, provides immense assurance and peace of mind. And that’s invaluable.

But how do you determine whether personal security services are necessary? We’re all familiar with a bodyguard dressed in black with an audio earpiece guarding royalty, dignitaries and major celebrities. These days, there are many other people who want and/or need protection from possible risk and threat. We’ll explore the factors in detail below.

What Is Personal Security Also Called?

Personal security is known as various other terms including:

  • Private security
  • Bodyguard
  • Executive close protection / Close Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Security officer
  • Personal protection specialist

What Is the Role of Personal Security Services and Why Is It Important?

Highly trained and skilled security professionals are adept at assessing risk, averting danger and minimising threat to people, properties and possessions. They shield their clients, enabling them to conduct their personal and business lives with higher levels of confidence.

What Are the Benefits of Personal Security Services?

A key factor for people employing personal security services, is the protection and prevention of criminal acts and personal threats. Trained professionals have valuable skills and knowledge, equipping them to act efficiently and effectively in the face of emergency situations.

The key benefits include:

Crime prevention: the very presence of a close protection professional is a visible deterrent, reducing the likelihood of attack in the first place.

Risk assessment: applying their expert knowledge, close protection professionals will minimise threat and risk with advance preparation and planning.

Ongoing surveillance: think of them as a finely tuned set of eyes and ears, surveying the environment to look out for risks or possible threats.

Create safe environments: bespoke executive protection plans are crafted to the individual or family’s needs to ensure their environments are as safe and secure as possible.

Emergency responses: personal security professionals are trained to react swiftly and effectively in crisis situations, be that in a protective capacity or applying first aid.

10 Signs You Should Hire Personal Security Services


As a person of high net worth, you attract attention. You can become a prime target for security threats, both in public and also within business and private domains.

2. Celebrity or Public Figure:

Attention is very much a part of the job when you’re a member of the royal family, a politician or a famous face. Whilst some of that focus is wanted and needed, you can also be exposed to unwarranted, adverse attention.

Some countries or regions pose a higher risk than others. If you live there or travel there for business or personal reasons, that puts you at risk too.

4. Valuable Items:

As a business leader or HNWI, you may handle valuable items. That could be expensive assets, or it could be documents with confidential information for example. Any of these items hold value for other people and need to be kept secure.

5. Business Responsibility:

As the CEO, leader or owner of a successful business, you can become a target for hackers, disgruntled employees, protestors or competitors for example. As the face of the company, you’re vulnerable.

6. Target of Existing Threat:

Anyone can be the recipient of unwanted attention, envy or wrath. Awareness of people who pose a threat to you is unnerving and a shield of protection may be required.

7. Being Responsible for Others:

It’s not just individuals who can be at risk. Their families, partners and business associates are also linked to them, making them unwitting targets too.

8. Update to Circumstances:

An unexpected lottery win, a high-profile legal case or even becoming a successful social media influencer makes your name known seemingly overnight. Suddenly, you’ll be the focus of people’s attention and that can pose problems.

9. Event Attendance:

Crowded events and busy places can feel dangerous. Even corporate functions can be the site for criminal acts of terror. Personal security services and reduce those risks and provide layers of protection.

10. Feel at Risk:

There can be myriad reasons for feeling unsafe, targeted and under threat. That takes a huge mental and physical toll. Personal security services alleviate that risk, threat and security fear.

Personal Security in the News

Prince Harry

When Prince Harry stepped away from working royal life, he was no longer entitled to the ongoing police protection that he’d grown up with. That left him and his family feeling vulnerable and exposed. Prince Harry, his Wife, and children tick many of the boxes for the signs listed above. They’re HNWIs, celebrities and public figures, attend busy events, are responsible for others, and clearly feel at risk.

Prince Harry has been in court seeking approval to pay for police protection whilst in the UK. He’s keen to feel adequately protected when in public. The court turned down his plea to pay privately for specially trained Met police security detail when he and his family visit the UK. Instead, he needs to employ private personal security services.

Holly Willoughby

TV presenter, Holly Willougby, has built up a high-profile career which she balances with her personal, family life. Willoughby would regularly collect her children from school and support them at sports events. However, in autumn 2023, there was an alleged threat to kidnap her. Immediately, she installed a personal security team to protect her and her family. ITV, who employs Willoughby, is said to have increased personal security for the star when she’s working.

Personal security services can be a condition of employment for people who require it for themselves and their loved ones.

Hiring Personal Security Services

Security challenges are ever present and evolving. Black Box Global provides personal security services to ensure you can pursue personal and professional pursuits safely. Our experienced, professional security teams are dedicated to our clients’ safety, and act with discretion and aptitude.

At a time of high stress levels and anxiety, our executive close protection services can provide assurance and peace of mind. They bring an unwavering shield, enabling you to live your life with confidence. You can place your absolute trust in our team of security professionals.

Contact us to discuss your requirements confidentially.

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